I-dra, the electric Bateau-Mouche

Conceived to exploit, for passengers transport, the network of inland waters of Lombardia, starting from the Idroscalo and the fairways of Navigli.
The development of the boat is already at an advanced stage of preparation, both concerning its construction and regarding the search for materials and suppliers; the electric-solar propulsion on which it is based is widely used in similar projects in France, Switzerland and Austria and many similar boats have been sailing from years on the Lake of Geneva, in Marseille and Paris.
The shuttle will carry out a tourist-commercial activity in the basin of Idroscalo on routes to be agreed.
It may be used for educational purposes (school groups, visitors, families) as far as the  operation of the electric motors or the photovoltaic panels are concerned and for tourism, for a particularly impressive trip on the "Lake of Milan".
With a capacity of 48 passengers + 2 crew members and the possibility to be configured for different needs due to the modular interiors, the boat can be easily used as a bar, restaurant for dinners, birthday parties, weddings, etc.