X Factor

Pure speed for cruising

It was designed on the basis of a spectacular catamaran built  in New Zealand by one of the best shipyards in the world in the construction of multihulls, the “Multihull Solutions”.
Among the most visible changes, a large superstructure where before there was only a net between the two hulls. A big covered space for charting and kitchen and a large living area with dining table were created. The network walkway area is now limited only to the outer area of the cockpit, behind the rear beam. To achieve these changes without compromising the project setting, so to avoid an excessive weight increase, the H3O team planned a massive work of lightening  of all structures and internal panels, using a sophisticated  and lightweight sandwich with external carbon skin.
The insides of the two side hulls were also thoroughly reviewed and are now perfectly symmetrical and both of them have two cabins and a bathroom. To ease sail handling, also the position and the inclination of the side drifts have been revised. Now also cruising and without the need for a professional crew, X-Factor is definitely at ease while veering.

Among the features that make X-Factor unique, there is the amazing ability to be autonomous in terms of energy. It is in fact driven by two electric Ocean Volt Sincrony 10 kW motors. The latter are powered by GPL (the same used for the kitchen) stowed in six cylinders especially made for X-Factor.


LOA m 16,50
Bmax m 10,45
Full load displacement kg 9.100
ight displacement kg 7500
Hull Draft m 0,41
Draft boards down m 2,40
Mainsail mq 107
jib mq 47
Code Zero mq 98
Gennaker mq 210