Max Cat 48

Maxcat 48, the real fast cruise

An habitable catamaran, with four cabins and two bathrooms, but born to fly on the water. It’s the Maxcat 48 designed by Paolo Portinari and h3o, a collaboration that led to the design of a new boat, both in concept and design.
A little more than 14 meters in length and 8 meters in width, it weighs only 5,300 kg thanks to a sophisticated structure out of Kevlar composite and carbon, while 135 sq.m. of sail are available upwind, and 255 downwind.
So much power, but always under control, thanks to the water lines and to the weight distribution: immersed volumes disposed in length to reduce pitching (typical of small and light cats); wave-piercing bows (typical of America's Cup cats) for reducing the dynamic pitching in rough seas and to avoid the tendency to nose-dive in crash-gybes.
Speed was then sought and obtained (speed curves speak of 16 knots downwind and 10 upwind with 14 knots of true wind, and 9.5 and 7 knots, always upwind and downwind, when the air drops to only 8 knots) but, being a cruising catamaran, with the right balance between power and lightness.

Max Cat 48
Total length: 1613 cm (including rigging) - LOA: 1463 cm - LWL  1322 cm - Max beam: 842 cm - Max beam single hull 152 cm - Hull axe: 686 cm - Mast height (from DWL): 2314 cm - Empty Displacement: 5500 kg - Displacement: 6300 kg - Draft (boards down): 251 cm - Rudder draft (boards up): 120 cm - Hull draft: 40 cm - Mainsail: 95 mq - Jib: 45 mq -Gennaker: 160 mq -Propulsion: 2 x Lombardini LDW 1003 SD 28 hp diesel engine.