Follow me, the lamp that follows you…

Like a sunflower, like a curious cat, like a voyeur, like a Mexican wave at the stadium.
Flumen is an interactive object that follows and even recognizes you, interpreting your emotions and desires. It even realizes if it’s time to have light or to remain silent and discreet in a corner, like a butler.

How does it move?
The main concept is movement, sinuous and natural, but also guided and safe, that the object must be able to perform, recognizing a presence, its position and moves. The possible movements are many, either individual or combined. Scenery 1) Aisle, hall, gallery, driveway, theater sets

The path is delimited by two rows of stems. They may be motionless and lifeless
or in dim light. At the passage of a person, a wave comes alive with light and movement to mark time, to point out what happens or just to make useful light. Then everything goes back to silence, until a new passage.
here is no physical contact between user and object, but only perception.
There are no special security or stability issues to be considered, therefore, Follow me can afford complex synchronicities, movements and light. 2) In a house, at the entrance or in the kitchen.

Follow me lights up when someone enters the house and, according to the selected program, it prepares to welcome the mobile phone or the ipad of the owner. Once connected the ipad, the screen displays a customized symbol: little devil? Cat? Bald dwarf? Awaiting orders, like a navigator. The user selects some music, then lights up a gallery of photos.

Later on, Follow me warns, by means of the light or by a sound, that it’s time to make dinner and turns into a bookstand where to read the recipe.

Here interactivity is strong, even through the physical contact with the PC screen. The movement must be discreet and stable. Follow me approaches when you want to consult it, but it does not hinder. Its moves are guided and precise: a rotation or a bow.