Catamaran Project for Passenger Transport commissioned by the Association for the delta of the Po River

Considering the boats all-year activity, passengers are able to enjoy their journey on either the closed lower deck or the open upper deck. Most of the lower deck is enclosed with seating available along the entire length. The deck also features large windows so as to not obstruct the view of the passengers. This deck can also be transformed into a multimedia conference cabin as the front wall is made to equip a large LCD screen. Furthermore, the aft part of the deck is only open on the side so as to enable the passengers to feel the outside air without worrying of the weather. Finally, a large bathroom is available for all the passengers and accessible for wheelchair users. The captain cabin, which is also located on the lower deck, is disposed so as to not be obstructed from any water projection and is accessible from both sides. A large technical area can be used as a catering area is located below the stairs.
  The upper deck was designed to allow the passengers to see the horizon without any difficulty or obstacles. The layout of the seating is made to constantly be able to see the horizon and also to allow the passengers to walk on the perimeter of the deck. Moreover, the steps and the staircase are built wide and open to reflect the space and liberty the boat has to offer. As a result of this design, the passengers will feel a sense of freedom and will be able to enjoy their cruise even more.

  DESIGN The shapes of the boat were inspired by two aspects: the architecture of a catamaran, which features minimal lines at the bow and at the aft, and, the aluminium construction technology, which is made easier and modular by using structural frames and panels to shape the body. However, by playing with the balance between the open and closed spaces and volumes on-board, the visual weight of the vessel is reduced and we obtain an original and clean boat which still looks modern. The basis of this design was to develop a boat that can used in a varied of environment but still blend into the landscape and not stand out. Mush as it should be pleasant to travel on a functional and elegant boat, in the same way it must be pleasant to observe at sea when on the ground. The boat is designed according to the requirements of the European Directive 2006/87 / EC (implemented by the Italian Government by Decree No. 22 of 02/24/09), regarding the construction of ships at sea.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: LOA: 19m. Hull Length: 18.3m. Deck Length: 18m. Maximum Beam: 4.5m. Draft at Maximum Capacity: 0.8m. Maximum Height from waterline at maximum capacity: 5.6m. Lightship Displacement: 15.000kg. Displacement at Full Capacity: 23.800kg. Lower Deck Seating Area for 48 passengers: 73m2. Upper Deck Seating Area for 42 Passengers: 71m2.
  CONSTRUCTION: Structure: Aluminium alloy. Hull Plating: Aluminium Alloy. Bulkheads: Aluminium alloy.

    Propulsion System Option A: Diesel-Electric in Series (traditional hybrid). Diesel engine: 2x FNM HPE 110. Transmission with integrated clutch: 2 x HM 560. Electric Motor: 2 x EM 220/20 20 kW. Interface and control: MPCB R5
    Propulsion System Option B: Diesel-Electric in Parallel. Electric Motor: 2 x 50 kW. Diesel Generator: 30kW. Energy Storage System: Option 1: Lead-Gel Batteries: 16x EV8DA-A, 12V-170. Total available Energy: 32.64 kWh. Option 2: lithium polymer batteries: 4 x POI52-150, 52V-150A. Total available Energy: 31.08 kWh.