Reboat Touring

Reboat, the Zero-Emission boat designed and built by H3O Yacht Design

Reboat is a Zero-Emission boat designed and built by H3O Yacht Design, with the purpose of transporting passengers to their yacht. Reboat is equipped with a double azimuth sail-drive transmission and dual electric propulsion, with the power provided by a modular bench of lithium ions batteries. The result of the collaboration between H3O Yacht Design, Repower and Bertoldi Yachts to build a zero emissions taxi boat for navigation in Lake Garda has led to a further development project which is to be implemented as a pure leisure model. At a cruising speed of 5 knots, the batteries provided in the standard configuration ensure an autonomy of up to 15 hours. With this configuration, the boat is to be considered zero-emissions, a feature that allows you to navigate in waters where an anti-pollution restrictions applies. If you wish to extend the cruising range, a diesel generator of 5kW can be added in a predisposed space. The two separate charging systems on board allow the batteries to be charged quickly.
  The craft can be easily manoeuvred, especially in shallow waters, thanks to its dual adjustable sail drives which replace the traditional steering systems. The hull, which was developed in-house, has been optimised for the cruising speed and thus provides maximum efficiency. Furthermore, the stability of the vessel is ensured by the presence longitudinal runners which have the ability to keep a constant heel angle at different load levels. The construction has been carried out by Sprint system with pre-impregnated fibres. This process allows the hull to be made with the best quality of composites. The entire structure, stability requirements and construction are all in compliance with current European directives for public transport in inland waters. Finally, since all the equipment is located below the deck, the owner can freely customise the entire deck without any obstacles. In the passenger version, Reboat is licensed to accept up to 29 seats.


Technical Specifications
Motors: 2 x 25kw synchronous; Transmission: 2 x Azimuth Sail Drive with mechanical steering system. Hull Length: 10.00m; LOA: 10.55m; Max beam: 3.00m. Dry Weight: 2620kg. Weight including safety equipment and captain: 2750kg; Weight including captain and 14 passengers: 5215kg; Weight including captain and 28 passengers: 5215kg. Cruising speed: 5 kn. Battery configuration (standard): 18kwh Lithium Ion Panasonic; Battery weight: 110kg. Normal Recharge Time (3kW): 8h. Fast Recharge Time (10kW): 2h. Number of min. Recharge cycles: 500. Range at 7kn: 280min. Construction Material: GRP.

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