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14 June 2018

Launched in Genova the new FFA Tenders

The FFA Tenders, the last born in the h3o Yacht Design studio, have touched the water for the first time in Genoa , and the first technical tests have given excellent results. These are two boats less than seven meters long made specifically for use as a superyacht tender. The first two first specimens are detined to a great explorer. Both adopt a diesel EFB engine, and both have an innovative semi-tubular solution. Unlike what happens on other boats that have tried to adopt solutions similar to this, they are real tubulars (they are not "full" of polyurethane) and therefore retain all the original qualities of qeusta to solution: they absorb the impacts, they can deflate etc ... Moreover, being in a semicircular section, they do not clutter and do not remove any cold space inside the boat. There are two confusions of FFA Tender: on the "Passenger and service transport" the main area for the guests is at the bow, and can accommodate 7/8 people, and the whole area can be protected by a retractable awning. The access to embark the prsone is half-boat, on the opposite side of the console, to reach the aft bridge is used a passavanti along the left side. In the "Daily and Sports Activities" version, the console is slightly more advanced and there is therefore space for a central sofa, forward of the engine room. Even the whole area can be protected from the sun thanks to a detachable awning with carbon rods. FFA TENDER: length f.t m. 6.75 - maximum beam m. 2,720 - internal length: m. 5,900 - internal width: 1,990 m